What kind of service is End of tenancy cleaning? This service refers to the type of cleaning required when an occupant moves out of a leased property. It’s generally an obligatory service to be conducted and can be arranged either by the landlord, or the tenant.


This is a significant kind of cleaning and fundamental to be embraced before another tenant moves in. Further, it might be the most disputed area of the contract as this service is normally checked by the landlord extensively.


In simple terms, it gives the property owners a security that their properties are left in perfect condition before the new occupants move in.  As a tenant, you have to check your tenancy contract to ensure that you are familiar with what needs to be done. Some contracts would require from you to conduct a professional carpet steam cleaning for your property, whilst others would not. Carpet cleaning is an additional service and as such you would be required to pay extra for this service.


Why do you need End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Landlords in London are very picky when it comes down to cleaning their properties and would insist on you that you prepare the property in the best way possible for the next occupants. There are certain areas that you need to address when looking to prepare the property. Have a look at the list below to familiarize yourself:




  • Kitchen:

All small electrical appliances must be cleaned, kitchen plot must be wiped, too.

Sink and tap will be descaled and polished. Shelves and racks must be emptied and wiped.


Make sure all the cupboards are completely spotless, both inside and out. Clean the fridge, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher and tumble dryer. In order to have the big electrical appliances cleaned, they need to be fully emptied and defrosted prior the cleaning.


  •  Oven with hob:

In case the extractor fan isn’t cleaned consistently, it develops thick stores of grimes, oily residue. Arguably the most time-taking task of the cleaning job that require a great amount of time. As difficult as this can be, ensure it is in impeccable state. It is intriguing to know that the gas hob is the most important thing typically checked whilst inventory takes place.


Likewise, guarantee the hob isn’t forgotten about. The racks, burners, preparing plates, switches, handles, and all different surfaces ought to be kept clean.

Don’t forget the oven with all the racks and grills. It must be cleaned from all the grease and burnt food crumbs. Racks and grills must be cleaned, too.


  • Sitting room:

The significant work to do in the family room is cleaning and vacuuming flawlessly. Empty all the racks and clean the cupboards, shelves and tables, and all pantries and TV sets. Depending on the property size and layout, there might be some other areas that need to be cleaned.


  • The Bathroom/ Toilet 

Wipe and descale all in the washroom such as sink, tap, shower head, tiles, mirrors and the floor.

Toilet seat must be cleaned and disinfected, and all the built-up limestone must be removed prior moving out the property.

Check all the ventilation fans, installations and lights before leaving this area of clean.


  • The Windows:

Windows are normally cleaned from the inside only. External window cleaning is normally your landlord’s responsibility. In rare cases that you are required to perform window cleaning externally please inform the end of tenancy cleaning company so that they can quote you accurately.


  • The Walls 

One of the most problematic areas are the walls in the property. Especially if you have children you will definitely end up with drawings on walls and its best to paint them rather than trying to clean them. Please note that not all cleaning companies will be willing to clean the walls as damages can occur.


  • The Furniture 

You need to look after the furniture and return them in the same condition as you moved in. The best option is to book a professional end of tenancy cleaning service, including carpet and upholstery cleaning.

If you have wooden furniture, check for scratches and all kind of scratches. Polish them well before you hand over the property.

  • The Curtains

Steam clean the curtains if this is part of the Tenancy Agreement Contract. Essentially dust the curtains and all surface blinds in the property. Some companies might charge you extra for cleaning the blinds, as this a time-taking process.

  • The Carpets or Rugs

It’s general requirement to steam clean your carpets using professional steam cleaning machine. If you cannot afford to book a company, vacuum all floors and carpeted areas. After hoovering, mop all hard/ wooden floor surfaces. Please ensure that you are aware with the requirements of your contract as most tenancy contracts require from you to steam clean the carpets professionally.

  • The Stairs and Hallways

Some areas might require more cleaning, such as corridors, hallways, staircases, etc.

The time for cleaning these areas might be longer than usual, however, this is a job that needs to be completed as part of the End of Tenancy Cleaning.

  • External areas

Depending on the Contract with the Landlord, the garden must or must not be trimmed and ready for use from the new tenants. In most cases, garden is not included in the End of tenancy cleaning, as Gardening is completely different service, that needs to be booked separately.


End of Tenancy Cleaning London services

These are some of the Factors determining End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices:

Every End of Tenancy Cleaning company has its own price determined by many different factors. Please see below some of the most common:


  • Property size:

Undoubtedly, this is the most important criteria which will determine the end of tenancy cleaning price. By property we mean a flat or a house and typically you will be asked to clarify how many bedrooms and bathrooms including separate toilets does your property have.

·      Condition of the property

Yes, this factor may determine the price as well as many properties are neglected

during tenancy and dirtier property would require much more time to clean. Be

honest with the cleaning company and let them know the condition of your property.

  • Extra services – Carpet Cleaning

Some properties would not require carpet cleaning, but if you do this is normally a separate service which would add to the overall cost. Please note that professional carpet cleaning doesn’t just mean vacuuming of the carpets. This is a deep cleaning of the carpets involving a steam cleaning machine.


DIY vs Professional Cleaning

  • DIY –cleaning by self.

Indeed, in the event that you live in a studio, possibly you can manage to do the cleaning yourself. Yet, if your property is bigger in size and it hasn’t been regularly cleaned, it will take you many hours to win this battle.


Second, you need to purchase professional cleaning materials for the floor, furniture, kitchen appliance, washroom and toilet, windows, dust, etc. Third, you will go through hours attempting to clear even the littlest residue and marks from the floor, scouring even the restroom tiles.


From one perspective, you can set aside more cash in the event that you do it without anyone else’s help, however, simply you think about constantly will lose and the nerves and cerebral pains you will cause. Also, at long last, you have no assurance that the inventory will approve the cleanliness state of the property. Is it worth it?


  • Professional cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning companies have professional machines, chemicals and qualified cleaners, who have gone through a lot of experience working in many properties.

For instance, in the event that you have exceptionally neglected rugs, the best way to restore them, is an expert carpet cleaning service. The vast majority of the professional cleaning services gives a guarantee that you will get your deposit back after they carry out their responsibility. Besides, they have the agendas of the landowners.


End of tenancy cleaning checklist

  • Walls:

This must be consulted with your landlord, as the paint might come off if a wall wiping is booked.


  • Doors:

All doors must be cleaned from fingerprints, marks and dirt, wiped and polished, including handles. Ensure that locks are working appropriately.

  • Windows:

Windows must be cleaned from the inside only. You may need to book window cleaning as additional service, only if this is agreed with your landlord.


  • Ceilings:

You may require an extendable brush to clean the ceiling any dirt. Watch out for spider webs toward the sides of rooms.


  • Fixtures and fittings:

Clean all light fittings and attachments, and make sure the upholstery is cleaned from any sort of stains.


Depending on the tenancy agreement and if it is applicable to you, furniture such as chairs, sofas, armchairs, and mattresses, or even curtains, may be professionally steamed cleaned. The same is applicable for all carpeted areas and rugs.




End of tenancy cleaning needs to be performed before the occupants leave the property and prior the new tenants move in. It is usually paid by the occupant, however, in some cases the landlord pays for the clean.