Home Cleaning Tips

We all love clean spaces. The cleaning itself? Not so much. What is the best way of getting done with cleaning fast?

Should you start in a specific room?

These tips are guaranteed to answer these questions and more.

  1. Clean all rooms at once

Efficient cleaning involves picking one task, whether it’s mopping, vacuuming or dusting. Repeat the task that you choose in every other room of the house.

This helps lighten the task in the end.

  1. Have everything you need in one central place

Gather all essential cleaning tools to ease the process. This way, you won’t waste time tracing the right tool for a particular area that needs to be cleaned. When done with one area, you will be able to move on to the next one swiftly.

  1. Get rid of clutter

Even before you commence, visit every room to check for clutter. Decide whether to neatly pack or get rid of your old shoes, magazines or books as you check each room.

  1. Dust and vacuum the rooms

Turn any fans off, including any wall or ceiling ones. Proceed to dust every part of your shelves, surfaces of furniture, TVs and handrails.

Some areas that are hard to reach such as upper shelves and blinds might require you to attach a microfiber cloth to your mop to enable you to clean them easily.

Before you vacuum, replace the sheets in all bedrooms.

  1. Clean glass surfaces and mirrors

The best way to clean glass surfaces is by first wiping them with a moist microfiber cloth then using a clean dry one to bring out their sparkle.

  1. Sanitize countertops and top surfaces

Visit every room of your house, wiping down hard tops including appliances, telephones, remotes, doorknobs and so on.

It is wise to disinfect the surfaces that get a lot of contact from people’s palms and faces. You can make a safe disinfectant right inside your home. Do this by adding a quarter mug of apple cider vinegar to a full mug of water.

  1. Pay attention to toilets, sinks and tubs

Use spray cleaners on your toilet, kitchen and bathroom sinks and leave the solution to soak away all the dirt.

Get back to where you started and perform thorough scrubbing. While you are at it, give your microwave a nice wipe down.

Leave the toilets until you are done with the other areas that need scrubbing.

  1. Sweep before mopping

Start with the bathroom and kitchen floors. Begin mopping from the farthest corner in your house as you head to the doorway. Avoiding sweeping from your doorway to the corners.

Once you are done sweeping a small area, rinse your mop.

  1. Vacuum while you are on the move

Run the vacuum all through your house. You do not to carry out certain cleaning tasks in the same week. Some tasks such as window cleaning and furniture waxing do not need to be repeated.

All you need to do is assess how fast they pick up dirt and then devise a plan to clean just before they gather too much dirt.

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