Tenancy Cleaning Prices and Carpet Cleaning Products

How to find the best End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices in London?

Finding the right price has always been a very delicate task. Some people would prefer to pay higher fees in expectation of receiving quality service, others would look for the cheapest option and still will be expecting top-notch quality. Prices determine many factors such as quality of personnel, skills, customer service etc. We would not recommend you look for the cheapest available options for an end of tenancy cleaning advertised on classifieds ads websites such as Gumtree but search sensibly on Google and find reputable cleaning company. Compare quotes between several cleaning companies and call your preferred cleaning company.

Which factors will determine the End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices?

See below the most common factors that will have an impact on the end of tenancy cleaning prices in London.


It’s obvious that the size of the property will be a factor in determining the price. Please ensure that you inform the cleaning company of your property size, especially when your property is a conversion. Some properties had been converted into flats and those properties are generally much bigger comparing to conventional ones. Inform the cleaning company whether your property has high ceilings so that they can bring a ladder.


One of the main factors for providing an end of tenancy cleaning price is the property type. Here, we talk about whether your property is a flat or a house, how many levels does your property have etc. You will need to be precise with the cleaning company and inform them whether you have extensions done, additional rooms, toilets, reception rooms. Basically, you need to tell all the rooms in the property so that you can be quoted accurately.


Another very important factor is the property location. Some companies will provide cleaning services only in inner London. If your property is outside London but within the M25 you need to ask the cleaning company whether they cover your area and if there will be any additional charges. Some companies will be willing to travel a bit further for a higher fee. Obviously, those properties that are in the congestion charge zone, the cleaning companies may apply a congestion charge fee as well as parking fees.

Parking & Cleaning Products

Some companies will charge your extra for parking and cleaning products. When calling your preferred cleaning company ask them whether parking and cleaning products are included in the fee. Some cleaning companies can offer you a cheaper price, but on the day insist from you to pay hidden small extras such as parking and cleaning products.

Additional Services

It’s commonly required for an end of tenancy cleaning to add additional services such as carpet and upholstery cleaning. If your property is carpeted is highly likely that you will need to steam clean the carpets professionally. If this is the case, you will need to inform the cleaning company of any additional services you may require. These services would not necessarily be included in the standard end of tenancy cleaning, because not everyone would need carpet steam cleaning. It’s also common to book upholstery cleaning as well. This will cover steam cleaning the sofa, armchairs, curtains and table chairs. You need to ask your landlord and look into your end of tenancy cleaning agreement whether any additional services are required.

These are the most common factors that would affect the end of tenancy cleaning prices. Remember to be honest with the cleaning company when obtaining a quote and tell them all information you have so that you can be quoted accurately and no nasty surprises will be evident on the day of the cleaning. 

Carpet steam Cleaning for the End of Tenancy Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning for an End of Tenancy Cleaning is the 2nd most used service to prepare your property for an inspection. In most cases carpet cleaning London refers to steam/wet cleaning of the carpets performed by professional carpet cleaning equipment from reputable companies such as Prochem and Ashbys. These machines are generally quite bulky, heavy and cost a lot of money, hence it makes sense to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to do this job for you. We would advise you to always ask the cleaning company about their carpet cleaning equipment and inform them beforehand of any stains that would need to be treated.

Please be aware that these machines have limits and can’t always remove your stains completely. Some more stubborn stains should have been treated immediately to have the best chance of removing them. If you leave your stains for long time, it will be unlikely that the carpet cleaning machine will be able to remove them. If your carpets generally suffered a lot of dirt and tenants that didn’t take their shoes off, you will see a big difference as these machines will remove dirt like magic.

Also note that, your landlord or estate agents would more likely insist on cleaning the carpets professionally using adequate carpet cleaning equipment most likely provided by cleaning company. If you decide to clean the carpets yourself by hiring some carpet cleaning equipment, the estate agents or landlords may not approve it and may insist on you providing an invoice. Failure to do so, may result in you losing a portion of your deposit to cover the cost of hiring professional carpet cleaning company.

Bear this in mind and if you decide to do this yourself inform your landlord or estate agent and ask them if this will be sufficient. Personally, we don’t see why someone would go for hiring carpet cleaning equipment and buying carpet detergents when you can simply call a carpet cleaning company that will provide you with an invoice and hassle-free experience. You will not be saving a huge amount of money by doing this yourself, but you can get yourself into unnecessary trouble.

Carpet Cleaning London is generally a service that is performed by trained carpet cleaners. It’s a commonly used service and most of the people prefer calling someone with the right equipment and knowledge. To find reputable carpet cleaning company simply perform a search on Google and compare the results you find from few different companies. Ask them for quotes and recommendations and also check their reviews. We are certain that you will be able to find reputable carpet cleaning company easily just by phoning few companies.

Recommended Carpet Cleaning Products

There are many carpet cleaning products to choose from, but which one you can trust. It’s difficult to answer this question as this will depend on whether you have professional carpet cleaning equipment, or you’d like some simple quick solution. Below we have listed number of products but note that we have sourced these carpet cleaning products to be well known based on consumer use and reviews. We would only recommend using professional carpet cleaning products from reputable companies.


Prochem is a well know company providing professional carpet cleaning equipment and products since 1974. The company has a wide range of spot and stain removers such as: stain pro, neutral pro-spotter, coffee stain remover, rust remover etc. Some of the cleaning products would need to be used with professional equipment, but others can be simply bought online, and you can perform the treatment safely at home.


Ashbys is another well known company supplying carpet cleaning equipment and detergents. The company has a range of carpet and spot cleaning detergents that can be bought directly from their website and applied on your carpet. For best results you will need the machines. The Ashbys carpet cleaning machines are best known for their power and durability.


Another well-known company even though not specialising entirely in carpet cleaning, this company has decent carpet cleaning products available to purchase. Their most known product for carpet treatment is the Wash & Remove Pro Total. The company claims that this product will successfully remove stains and odours.

Rug Doctor

Another well-known brand for carpet and upholstery cleaning is the Rug Doctor. You have probably noticed their carpet cleaning machines available for rent in major retail stores across the UK such as Tesco and Morrisons. You can also buy their machines for domestic use and in most cases where the carpets had been maintained should provide good value for money.

Dyson Zorb Powder

Many of you probably didn’t heard of this product but Dyson is a well-known company for innovation and this product is not an exception. Dyson claims that no scrubbing is required when used, just sprinkle it onto the desired area and leave it to work for approximately 20min. After which just vacuum, and your carpet should look nice and fresh.

Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover with Applicator

Lastly, we will finish with this product from Dr Beckmann, which is mostly known to work on pet stains. The product comes with its own applicator which can be used to treat number of stains even blood. Many households have this product in their cupboards should any accidental spillages occur.

We have provided you with a number of best-know carpet cleaning detergents. Evidently, if you combine some of these products with professional carpet cleaning equipment the results will be much better, but as a word of advice the stains need to be treated as soon as possible and some of these products would just do the job without needing a bulky carpet cleaning machine.