End of Tenancy Cleaning Near Me – Cost and Responsibility

Who is responsible for an end of tenancy cleaning?

When everyone moves into a new rental property, they want to make sure that there are no signs of existing tenants. They want a hygienic house that is free from bacteria and one that will not lead to health issues. Who doesn’t like living in a cool and comfortable zone? Before renting a house, tenants must ensure that all fixtures are in the right working condition. But who is responsible for cleaning or ensuring that the property has no repair issues?

End of tenancy cleaning in London is designed for both landlords and occupants. Unfortunately, the process can be challenging for the tenants. Vacating involves a lot of responsibilities. Packing, looking for a new house, cleaning, and ensuring that you choose the right modes of transport are some of the things to engage in. Generally, the tenants are responsible for arranging the end of tenancy cleaning, but it’s also common for landlords to arrange the cleaning. Some landlords have a company that they work with and at times would insist the tenants to use it. However, this recommended company may cost more money than a cleaning company that you can find yourself. Please check your contract and see for yourself whether you should be obligated to engage the cleaning company recommended by your landlord or estate agent.

In case you have to find an end of tenancy cleaning company yourself, there’s plenty of choice available on Google. You can compare different end of tenancy cleaning companies, their prices, availability etc. Please don’t look for end of tenancy cleaning companies on Gumtree or other service providers such as Bark.com as you may end up with self-employed service providers which are not accepted for tenancy cleaning report and you will not pass inspection.

The end of tenancy cleaning service provider needs to be a registered UK limited company that can issue a professional receipt which can be used as a proof of having professional cleaning done.

End of tenancy cleaning for tenants

End of tenancy cleaning is essential to ensure a hygienic environment. For the tenants, clean-up is a must. Despite the many activities you will be engaging in during moving, you need to ensure that the rental property is fully clean. However, ensuring cleanliness does not mean that you will be required to improve the house’s condition. You need to ensure that the house is up to the best standards of cleanliness.

The process of cleaning involves a lot of activities. At times you will be required to purchase cleaning tools and equipment, which can be costly. Instead, opting for a professional end of tenancy cleaning services can be a good idea. Cleaning companies are experienced and understand why leaving a property clean is essential. By why should you, as a tenant, engage in end of tenancy cleaning?

·      Claim full security deposit

End of tenancy cleaning is an element of the tenancy agreement. So, before you decide on renting a house, you need to understand your obligations and rights as a tenant. The landlord will issue you a clean property. So, why don’t you return it in the same condition? Failure to do this, he will hire a cleaning company and deduct the cost from your deposit. Hence, a cleaning firm is vital to ensure that all property areas are free from dirt. Please be aware that if you decide to hire an end of tenancy cleaning company yourself, you need to provide contact details of the hired company along with receipt. In this way it will almost guarantee that you will not lose part of your deposit due to not cleaning the property correctly and presenting it in the right condition.

·      Good recommendation

Who doesn’t want to make a deal with only the trusted and responsible people? The same case applies to landlords. If you present the rented property in perfect condition you are definitely in position to receive a good recommendation from your landlord.

End of tenancy cleaning for landlords

As a landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure that a property is clean with all the fixtures working correctly. This will not only help you get the best prices but build trust with the occupants. A good way of ensuring a well-presented property is by hiring an end of the tenancy cleaning firm. This way, you will be saving the time involved in deep cleaning and repair services. Also, you will save money required for purchasing cleaning equipment and solutions.

Some of the main responsibilities of a landlord is to present the rented property in perfect cleaning condition so that the tenants will be obligated to return the property in the same condition. The landlord should serve as an example for the tenants to follow. If the landlord is not concerned with the level of cleanness, the tenants would more likely not bother to return the property in good condition too. It might be a bit expensive service compared to other cleaning services but its necessary.

How much does end of tenancy cleaning in London cost?

If you want to get a good recommendation and claim your full deposit, end of tenancy cleaning in London is a must. However, many people think that performing the cleaning by themselves is a way of saving money.

Sure, when you involve in the process by yourself, you will avoid the cost of hiring a cleaning company. But if you consider the cost of cleaning tools and the final results, a professional company should be your priority. But how much does hiring end of tenancy cleaning services cost? Some factors will determine the cost of a move-out cleaning. Please see below:

ü  Size

End of tenancy cleaning prices varies depending on the size of the rental property. So, it is essential to be honest to provide the exact size of the house. As a tenant, it is good to ask the landlord the size of the apartment. Some of the property owners will offer data in square meters of the whole house, if necessary. Flats are more simple and easy to quote.

ü  Condition

There is no too big or too little job for a professional end of tenancy cleaning company. Remember, no one can clean a pigsty property than an expert cleaner. So, it is essential to state the condition of your rented property. You might be able to get a reduced rate if your property is in good condition. Notify the cleaning company should this be the case.

ü  The number of rooms

The more the number of bathrooms and living rooms, the higher the price of cleaning. So, it is essential to include each room when asking for a quote. Don’t forget to mention additional toilets, utility rooms, office rooms, box rooms etc.

The average End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices in London for a studio flat range from £95-£135 depending on whether any additional services are required such as carpet and upholstery cleaning.

  • An apartment with one bedroom range from £110-£140
  • Apartment with two bedrooms: £120-£155
  • Apartment with three bedrooms range from £160-£210

Please note that these are average prices only. The prices will depend on many factors and you should judge yourself which company provides the best value for money.

However, price is not an assurance of quality. When researching the cost of end of tenancy cleaning services, consider things such as:

ü  Does the price include the use of cleaning tools and solutions?

End of tenancy cleaning involves the use of advanced tools and chemicals. So, a cleaning company should provide an honest cost that covers the whole service and tools involved.

ü  Insurance

It is good to be sure that all the fixtures in the property are covered by insurance. Failure to this, you will pay for the repair services in case of an accident. Please note that insurance is very important and if you hire someone that is self-employed would not be able to provide you with public liability insurance.

ü  Does the company offer professional end of tenancy cleaning services?

You will only get your full deposit back if you return the rental property in the best clean condition. So, you need to ensure that you work with knowledgeable and experienced cleaners. But how can you tell if a specific company will offer the best results? You can check their experience and your personal interaction with them, the way you are treated as a customer.

How can you know whether a specific end of tenancy cleaning company is certified or not?

Everyone wants to work with a company that will provide the best results. It is because no one wants to engage in the repair services regularly. End of tenancy cleaning is something you need to take seriously. If you choose an inexperienced firm, you will get low-quality work, which can negatively affect your security deposit.

Most people in London use deposit as a sign of being a responsible occupant. So, getting it in full is what most people desire as it can be used as a deposit to another house or other responsibilities. Having the best end of tenancy cleaning services is a way of ensuring that property owners are satisfied with the way you leave their houses, hence getting your full deposit back and a good recommendation.

So, it is essential to identify a certified end of tenancy cleaning company in London. Being an accredited firm means that the company has been operating for years and has qualified to offer the cleaning services. But how can you know a certified company?

ü  Does the company have an insurance cover?

Nowadays, there are many end of tenancy cleaning companies in London. So, it is challenging to know the one that will offer high-quality services. Although most of the certified companies guarantee quality satisfactory services, not all will provide the best results. So, it is essential to check the insurance cover of the company. Most of the certified cleaning firms in London are stable. So, they can offer insurance covers to their customers.

Do you know that accidents can occur during cleaning? The insurance cover will help to protect against damage caused by the cleaners. Also, it protects employees against illnesses or risks that might occur during working. Imagine performing the end of tenancy cleaning by yourself, and you damage some fixtures? Engaging in repair services can cost you a lot of money. However, with an insured company, you will rest knowing that you are handing the job to experts.

ü  Look at the cleaners’ identification cards.

Certified companies aim to build trust with their clients. Thus, they offer identification cards to their staff members. The card involves a passport photo and the real name of the cleaner. To be certain that the cleaners are from a reputable company, you can call their firm to confirm the cleaners’ card’s identification number.

ü  Proof certificate

A certificate is a proof that the end of tenancy cleaning firm is certified. Having an original or a copy of the certificate is a guarantee of the best results. A good company carries its documents and should be ready to provide them upon request.

ü  Check the company’s End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist and the tools available to perform the work.

As you know, most of the end of tenancy cleaning services in London have been in the field for many years. So, they know all the requirements needed to perform the work. A well-detailed checklist, cleaning tools, and solutions are among the must-have tools of a cleaning company.

Both the property owner and tenants should ensure that the rental house has no traces of dirt, dust, or harmful microorganism. Thus, considering a cleaning firm is essential. However, many people in London fear hiring a company because of the end of tenancy cleaning prices. Some reputable companies come with a budget-friendly price. They will charge you depending on the property size and the condition of the house. Also, if you compare the prices of purchasing cleaning equipment, you will understand that opting for a cleaning firm is vital.

The End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist is a very important element of the cleaning process. You need to be familiar with what’s included in the list and what’s not. This will save a lot of trouble and misunderstanding. Generally speaking the end of tenancy cleaning checklist focuses on specific areas of your rented property. Please have a look below at some of the most common parts in an End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist 

The checklist is normally divided in sections and each section explains what will be cleaned.

  1. Kitchen – One of the most important areas in your cleaning checklist is the kitchen. The oven is the most discussed appliance that the inventory and your landlord will be focusing on. Ensure that the cleaning company provides deep cleaning of the oven. Further, all other kitchen appliances will need to be cleaned and degreased such as: cooker, extractor fan, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine etc. On top of the cupboards will also need cleaning as well as the sink and kitchen top.
  2. Bathroom – the other most discussed are in an end of tenancy cleaning is the bathrooms. The problem here lies with removing the limescale. Limescale from taps, shower screen, shower heads, toilets etc. The tiles and mirrors need to be wiped without leaving smear marks
  3. Lounge area – In the lounge you normally have the most furniture and they need to be wiped properly leaving no dust behind. Removing dust under and behind furniture is vital and also skirting boards.
  4. Bedroom – in the bedroom the problem is the bed and cleaning under and behind it. If it’s a heavy bed the cleaning lady would require additional help so that the bed can be moved and cleaned properly.
  5. Hallway and Stairs – the least problematic area are the stairs and hallways. Here you ensure that the skirting boards are cleaned and dusted, light fittings dusted and light switches wiped as well.

This is just to get an idea of what is required for an end of tenancy cleaning. The cleaning companies would provide you with their own end of tenancy cleaning checklist, hence ensure that you have seen the checklist and you are satisfied with what’s covered.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Near me 

Customers are feeling more secure to hire local service providers, hence the reason for the need of End of Tenancy Cleaning near me. But note that it would not make a big difference hiring local end of tenancy cleaners. It’s more important the knowledge and experience that they will provide. Maybe you are someone that prefers to talk in person and would like to visit a local office or someone that has many questions and specific requests. In this case maybe it’s more prudent to look for a end of tenancy cleaning near me. Alternatively, if your property is a small flat, the process of arranging a cleaning service is fairly straightforward and you can do this simply by filling in your details on a quote form or by calling the company.