How to Get Your Tenancy Deposit Back By Hiring a Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Team

Proper cleaning of rental property is essential to getting your full tenancy deposit. Your landlord expects you to uphold the cleaning standards that they instilled ever since they started renting their property out. Aside from getting the full deposit, your agent or landlord may recommend you to other owners of property that you may be moving into.

Hiring a professional end of tenancy London cleaning team is one of the best investments to ensure your tenancy deposit is fully refunded. Deciding to do it yourself sounds like a perfect idea. However, it might land you in a deposit dispute with your agent.

How do you get your full deposit back?

Adhering To the Required Standards of Cleaning

There is no amount of cleaning that can restore worn and torn items around your rental property. Most check-out forms put this factor into consideration by setting out a standard level of cleanliness. If you are unsure what level of restoration needs to be done, it is important to review the situation with your agent to find out their specific expectations. Doing this will make your end of tenancy a smooth process.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist for Professionals

Professionals meet your landlord’s quality expectation by relying on the move-in inventory report and your final inspection checklist.

While you can complete some tasks yourself, most of them require advanced equipment and a proficient deckhand. The following end of cleaning tasks may inhibit your full deposit refund:

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are used as flooring material in most properties. The high amount of traffic that passes through carpets make them dirty and full of grime. If the carpets go for too long without deep cleaning, they fade and get sticky. Professional cleaners have what it takes to get rid of the accumulated dirt. The advanced tools can infiltrate the fibres at length, completely removing all odours and dirt.

Carpets can be deeply cleaned using hot water extraction or dry cleaning. Both of these machines require highly specialized and experienced personnel.

Sofa Cleaning

Using wrong chemicals and methods to clean your sofa may cause stains that may reduce your deposit.

Different manufacturers utilize unique technologies and chemicals to process leather for their products. It is important to exercise caution while cleaning. Professionals will want to clean a small area of the material to test the effect of their cleaning solutions before the extensive cleaning process.

This helps them know the right combination to get rid of grime, dirt and stains without causing damage to the materials.

Cleaning Rugs

Rugs can be cleaned through steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Some cleaning agents might not be appropriate for some types of fabric. Let an experienced cleaner choose the best method to clean and restore your rugs to their original form.

Make Early End of Tenancy Cleaning Plans

Give yourself adequate time to go through the tenancy agreement to assess all clauses related to cleaning. Making early plans gives you ample time to repair or replace broken accessories and hire professional end of tenancy cleaning services.