End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is part of the requirements a tenant has to undertake while terminating their tenancy. When done properly, it enables you as a tenant to get back your deposit from the landlord or agency. It is cheaper to undertake the cleaning yourself. Ask the responsible authority for the final inspection checklist if you decide to do the cleaning.

Here are a few tips for cleaning:

  1. Start with the kitchen

Empty all shelves and cabinets. Get rid of all deposits and crumbs while thoroughly cleaning both inside and outside each compartment. Disconnect all appliances and clean them beyond your normal style. Don’t forget the dish washer and refrigerator too. Once you have cleaned inside the refrigerator, leave its doors open so as to discourage mould growth. All trays and racks in your fridge should be cleaned in the best way possible. Any other electrical appliance should receive the same treatment.

  1. Ovens

A rarely cleaned oven tends to naturally host layers of grime, grease, scorched food deposits and dust. Cleaning another person’s oven is anything short of disgusting. Scrubbing your own won’t be easy either, but it has to be done. You will require to invest a little on tough cleaning agents and time. Ensure it is perfectly done because inspection will begin here.

  1. Bathrooms

Clean the toilet, sink, mirror, bath and any other accessory that exists here. Solve any blockage in the drains to allow easy flow. Clean all metallic surfaces as they have the tendency to develop scum, mould and lime scale. Remember to unplug all blocked holes on the shower head.

  1. Living Room

This area requires intensive vacuuming and dusting. It is recommended that cabinets and bookshelves be emptied then cleaned individually. Do the same for the TV stand and tables.

  1. Walls

If the walls have some scum marks, wash them if you can. Alternatively, coat the marks with some emulsion that blends in with the original colour. Ignoring this step leaves room for the owner to charge you for the correction.

  1. Windows

Alcohol and vinegar based products are your best bet for restoring glass to glory. Clean as much as you can and if unable to reach some parts, get help from a window cleaner. Cracked window panes won’t go well with the owner.

  1. Curtains

Pay attention to the washing instructions for given curtains. A dry cleaner might do a better job. While they remedy the situation, dust the blinds, curtain rods and venetian blind slates. If you notice that the blinds are dilapidated, replace or repair them accordingly.

  1. Hallways and Staircases

These spaces experience relatively high traffic and require attention to detail. Scrub and restore every component that is visible.

  1. The Exterior

Tidy up your garden by getting rid of dirt and leaves. Mow lawns and improve the conditions in the flower bed.

Try as much as you can to meet the above demands. Consult the check-in records to have a clear idea of what the owners expect of you. By following these steps, you are assured of safely getting back your deposit. For some of the best end of tenancy cleaning prices you can find in London, please visit our prices page.