Difference between Domestic Cleaning and End of Tenancy Cleaning

Domestic cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning are two distinct forms of cleaning exercises.

Domestic Cleaning

This is a service often carried out by one individual. Most of the chores around the house are covered by domestic cleaning. It involves getting rid of cobwebs, vacuuming, disinfecting, dusting and wiping dirt and particles off surfaces. The end of tenancy cleaning is more thorough than domestic cleaning. There are two forms of domestic cleaning:

  • One-off domestic cleaning – this is carried out on special occasions such as after a house party, a renovation or after spring. Typically, the cleaning agency avails all essential products and equipment to get the job done.
  • Regular domestic cleaning – it involves daily, weekly or monthly cleaning by a domestic cleaner. With this arrangement, essential equipment and cleaning products have to be provided by the house owner.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

This is thorough cleaning conducted on rental property when one wishes to terminate their tenancy. Normally, the cleaning exercise is guided by a strict checklist provided by the agent or landlord of the property. It is extensive and is key to securing one’s tenancy deposit as they move out. This makes it necessary to hire professional end of tenancy cleaning experts. They are specially trained and experienced in spot cleaning a house and are familiar with the required standards.

End of tenancy cleaning can be planned by landlords, agencies or tenants.

Differences between End of Tenancy Cleaning and Domestic Cleaning

Domestic cleaners are good at their job. Unfortunately, they are likely to let you down if hired to conduct end of tenancy cleaning. A few notable differences between the two are:

  1. Cleaning products

While domestic cleaning requires cleaning reagents on a small scale, end of tenancy cleaning requires a long list of products to remove dirt piled up in hidden places such as ovens and bathroom floors. A professional end of tenancy cleaning team avails all essential products to thoroughly clean all nooks and crannies in your rented property.

  1. Charges, schedule and checklist

Unlike domestic cleaners, proficient end of tenancy cleaners adhere to a stern checklist. Domestic cleaners are guided by their own principles or custom checklists made by their clients. They are paid by the hour and will only clean for as long as their contract lasts.

On the other hand, end of tenancy cleaners follow a strict program and catalogue. They clean all required areas and won’t close up their services until all work is done.

  1. Lime scale

End of tenancy cleaners get rid of all lime scale on all surfaces. This isn’t a task that domestic cleaners are keen to perform.

  1. Carpet cleaning

Your domestic cleaner will only go the extra mile in using hot water to clean your stained carpets if requested to do so. End of tenancy cleaners London are bound by their service contract to get rid of all stubborn stains with hot water.

These two cleaning services are completely distinct. It is important to know the exact type that you need for your house.